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EAN is a fun, interactive and social business membership organisation for all Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants in Australia, designed to ensure they are better equipped to provide the levels of support needed by Australia's leading business executives. The objectives of the Network, this website and our education and training initiatives are to help EAs and PAs to become more efficient and proficient in their roles.

Benefits of joining

We aim to help EAs and PAs be as efficient as possible by providing them access to online resources and tools including guides, templates, articles, quick links and videos where they can quickly find solutions to any situation, through a Chat Room where they can quickly seek guidance from their peers on any issue, by enabling them to expand their own support group of friends and peers at regular networking functions, by providing online directories detailing a vast array of potential suppliers across hundreds of business types and by expanding their broader knowledge of their local market and different industries within this by hosting exhibitions and trade fairs.

We aim to help EAs and PAs realise their full potential and become the most proficient they can be through the production and delivery of industry leading educational events, founded on our unrivalled understanding of the true demands and challenges of the role, and that foster debate that helps to shape thinking around the evolution of the role. These include conferences, workshops, short-courses, residential retreats, mentor programs, nationally recognised accredited training as well as bespoke in-house training solutions.

Who should join?

Membership is open to all those in the most senior business support professional roles including: Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant, PA, EA, Executive Personal Assistant, Executive PA, Executive Personal Secretary, Executive Secretary, Team Leader, Executive Office Manager, Administration Manager and much more.

We invite you to explore our website and the many services we offer Australia's leading EAs & PAs
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