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About the Conference

12 Key Learning Areas

the 13th Anniversary of the Most Highly-Acclaimed
Forum for EAs and PAs in Australia.

Managing executive energy, focus and mindset

The Emotionally Intelligent EA – the empathetic business connector with the people skills to get things done

The diplomatic EA – spotting potential conflict, learning how to defuse it and knowing the strategies to use when confrontation is unavoidable

The EA’s role in managing up, down and sideways

A synergistic partnership based on trust and mutual respect – why you need it and how you get it!

Managing for the future – taking a leadership role in embracing change, new technologies and social media

Courageous leadership in the face of competing team priorities, agendas, demands and pressures - how to facilitate the best outcomes for everyone

Managing yourself and your career so you can deliver your best

The strategic thinking and acting EA – seeing the actions and decisions in your business for what they are and the impacts they will have, and learning how to spot opportunities as well as potential hazards

Remove self-doubt from your life and embrace your inner strength and belief

Business savvy and commercially astute – the EA who thinks like an executive and plans and resources accordingly

Simply amazing you – you owe it to yourself to be the best version of you, so embrace life and don’t hold back

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Feedback from the event

Don't just take our word for it. Listen to some of the feedback
received from past attendees.
My expectations were high after I first attended in 2016, however, EAN delivered an amazing 2017 Conference the highlight of which was the calibre of the speakers who were all phenomenal
Emma Kable- Housing Plus
This was my first ever EA Conference. My only regret is that I didn't attend the previous 10. I got so much out of this event that I feel it will completely change my remaining 10 years as an EA. I found all of the guest speakers both motivational and inspirational. I would highly recommend this conference to all EA's looking to keep up with trends and network with other EA's.
Claire Mierendorff- UGL Limited
Attending the EAN Conference was both informative and inspiring! I am able to implement several techniques/tips to advance and grow my role in my organisation. Thankyou once again for the opportunity you provided for me to grow as an individual and to improve as an EA.
Kaitlyn Beer-OneSchool Global
What a fantastic two days. I was blown away at the calibre of the speakers and really did take away something from every single session. The dinner was great fun and I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with other EAs from different industries. Apart from being highly skilled professionals, we all seem to know how to have a good laugh as well. Absolutely worth the investment and I have been telling all of my people leaders to send their PA's / EA's next year. Thank you!
Natalie O'Brien- CBA
A great lineup of inspirational speakers and some amazing panellists. Thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day program and the gala dinner. Thank you EAN!
Maria Huang- ICAP
I left the conference feeling a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for my chosen career as an Executive Assistant. We hold the power to be inspire, to influence and to shape the organisation in which we work. I have never felt more empowered!
Carmen Ellard- Grand Pacific Health
Wow, what a great conference with so many fantastic speakers. I'll be encouraging our staff to attend. Keep it up EAN!
Sue McGrath- Australian Veterinary Association
Loved it, loved it, loved it! A phenomenal opportunity to meet other amazing EAs to share our ideas, build a bigger network & expand our learning with super speakers.
Angie Muller- Aurizon Holdings
The EA Congress was an amazing & inspiring event. This was my first time attending & I will be coming every year from now on. Met some fabulous likeminded people and the guest speakers were truly inspirational.
Louise McDonald- KinCare
A very professional and empowering event, reinforcing the value of today's EAs and PAs. Great speakers and relevant information to take back to the office and put into practice. An inspiring plus fun event. Thank you!
Angelica Luck- Lovatts Media Group
This was brilliant. It managed to find the perfect balance of speakers and panels. I found the panels most rewarding as I got to see my job from both perspectives, from fellow EA's/PA's and from Execs who made the time to speak with us. This gave me a well-rounded view of my role and filled in some gaps along the way. Highly recommend.
Kimberley O'Malley- ATO
This was my first journey into the EAN Congress and I came away motivated, positive and most of all enthusiastic. Thank you to the EAN team for providing an amazing group of keynote speakers and panel members. I am certainly attending next year’s!
Audrey Nolan- Department of Natural Resources

EAN Conferences Showcase

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The role of EAs and PAs has reached a really exciting juncture in its evolution, one we will celebrate and explore in depth in this conference. Take a peek at the conference series in this video.